Perry Johnson Registrars,Inc.

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Perry Johnson Registrars,Inc.

  • Website:
  • Status: Accredited
  • Standards: • ISO 9001 • IATF 16949 • ISO 26262 Quality: • ISO 9001 • ISO 37001 • TL 9000 • BA 9000 Aerospace: • AS9100 • AS9110 • AS9120 Environmental Health & Safety: • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001 • Responsible Recycling (R2v3) • RIOS • e-Stewards Cybersecurity: • ISO 20000-1 • ISO 27001 • CMMC Food Safety: • FSSC 22000 • ISO 22000 • Additional Food Safety Schemes Medical Devices: • ISO 13485 • ISO 9001 ISO 50001 Supplier Audit Virtual Pre-Assessment Virtual Audits
  • Address: 755 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 1340
    Troy, MI 48084
  • Location: Troy, Michigan, USA
  • Email Address:

General Information
Registered Company Name: Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.
Office Telephone: 800-800-7910 Karyn McKeown
Office Fax: 248-247-3360
Email Contact:
Web Site:
D-U-N-S Number: 929490183
EIN Number: 38-3186048
GSA Number: GS-10F-0025K
Cage Code: 1LJ60

Business Information
Year Incorporated: 1994
State of Incorporation: Michigan
Number of Employees: 400+
Number of years in business: 25

World headquarters International Offices
755 W. Big Beaver Rd Toronto, Canada Bangkok, Thailand
Suite 1340 México City, México Bangalore, India
Troy, MI 48084 Monterrey, México Milán, Italy
Juárez, México Caserta, Italy
Branch Offices Nagoya, Japan Madrid, Spain
Chicago, IL Fukuoka, Japan Osaka, Japan
Dallas, TX Sapporo, Japan Hiroshima, Japan
Los Angeles, CA Beijing, China Sendai, Japan
Shanghai, China Hyderabad, India
Tokyo, Japan Bristol, United Kingdom

Perry L. Johnson is the founder of Perry Johnson Registrars. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities in quality, having written more than 15 manuals covering topics from Total Quality Management to Statistical Process Control and ISO/QS-9000. Johnson’s first book on ISO 9000, ISO 9000: Meeting the International Standards, published by McGraw-Hill, has been a best-seller, and is now in its second edition. Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana, and a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Detroit. Mr. Johnson is the author of the best-selling definitive text on international quality standards and certification, ISO 9000: Meeting the New International Standards (McGraw-Hill, 1993), now in its second edition as ISO 9000: Meeting the International Standards (McGraw-Hill, 1997); the breakthrough text, Keeping Score: Strategies and Tactics for Winning the Quality War (Harper Collins, 1989); ISO 14000 Road Map to Registration (McGraw-Hill, 1997); ISO 14000: The Business Manager’s Complete Guide to Environmental Management (John Wiley & Sons, 1997) and the ISO/QS-9000 Yearbook: 1998 (McGraw-Hill, 1998).

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