American Systems Registrar (ASR)

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American Systems Registrar (ASR)

We are American Systems Registrar – A customer focused international registrar with a unique approach to registration. We believe in the partnership approach to registration by creating a “Three-Way Partnership” between our Valued Customers, Experienced Auditors and Competent Office Staff. Each partner is vital to a successful and value added registration. Our goal is to make the entire registration process a positive experience.

ASR Quality Relationship TriangleASR was established in 1997 by a team of Experienced Auditors, Successful Quality Professionals, and Experts in the Standards/Technical Specifications that ASR services. These Leaders believed that Quality or Environmental standards should be utilized as business management tools. The TRUE VALUE of registration should be to:
Enhance profitability
Meet and exceed customer requirements
Improve competiveness
Serve as a continuous improvement tool for your business
Assist in developing and maintaining a disciplined business management system
Provide regular reviews and feedback on your management system.

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