American Global Standards, LLC

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American Global Standards, LLC

  • Status: Not Accredited
  • Standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, AS9100, 9120,9110, ISO13485, ISO15288, ISO17020, ISO17024, ISO17025, ISO18788, ISO2000--1, ISO20700, ISO21508, ISO22000, ISO22301, ISO24748-4, ISO26000, ISO26702, ISO27001, ISO28000, ISO31000, ISO37001, ISO41001, ISO45001, ISO50001, ISO
  • Address: 1187 Coast Village Road Suite 495 Montecito, CA 93108
  • Location: Montecito, CA
  • Email Address:

All ISO Managemnt Systems 9001, 14001, AS9100, TS16949, 13485,27001,22000 see websute for additional details

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