ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.

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ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.

ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) serves customers worldwide with expert management system certifications and exceptional customer service. We are sensitive to the local needs of each market we serve, while our global resources provide industry expertise and an unmatched knowledge of certification processes. Our clients give us extremely high marks for the quality of our audit processes, for our reports, and for the value they receive from working with us. Those are the measures by which we operate.

Our customer focus and commitment to the highest professional standards have led to strong relationships throughout the management systems market. The largest and most respected accreditation bodies around the world accredit us. These bodies recognize our expertise and commitment to improving performance through management systems. ABS QE is a key contributor to the development of industry, national, and international standards. Our customers have made us one of the top registrars worldwide. Peer companies seek our counsel. We have the commitment and the expertise to serve customers uniquely, and to assist the industry in general.

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