eQuaLearn Instructor/Course Developer


eQuaLearn Instructor/Course Developer


Contribute to the successful future of industry
Travel the world as a subject matter expert and work from home
Manage your own schedule and choose when you want to work
Partner with an established high profile global company

Being an eQuaLearn instructor involves teaching course material to groups of adult students, who are typically already working in industry, through PRI’s eQuaLearn professional development program. Classes are held around the world.

Being an eQuaLearn course developer involves working with PRI staff to create course material for the classes which form part of PRI’s eQuaLearn Professional Development program.
Subject matter experts with multi-industry experience i.e. aerospace, automotive, medical, nuclear, oil/gas etc are in particularly high demand.

Contact Us For More Information
To learn more about becoming an independent contractor for the eQuaLearn professional development program and the opportunities we currently have available, please click here or contact eQuaLearn@p-r-i.org.

How to Apply: https://contractwork-eauditstaff.icims.com/

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