What are NADCAP Special Processes for Aerospace? - ISOUpdate.com

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The term ‘special processes’ was first mentioned by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which publishes a series of international quality assurance and management standards...
What is ISO 8601 Proper Notation of Dates and Times - ISOUpdate.com

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As we welcome in the new year, if you are like us, you might struggle to remember the new date, let alone the order...
Understanding ISO 21041 and Unit Pricing - ISOUpdate.com

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With ISO 21041, consumers can now make better and easier buying decisions that allow them to compare the values of related products and decide...
ISO 55001 and Strategic Asset Plans - ISOUpdate.com

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Understanding ISO 55001 ISO 55001 lays down the prerequisites for an asset management system. It gives a framework for the establishment and regulation of objectives,...
ISO and Agriculture - ISOUpdate.com

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This document, originally posted on ISO.org details the role ISO standards have within the agricultural industry, the benefits seen, and technology available. We have summarized...
Understanding the Process Approach - ISOUpdate.com

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What is the Process Approach? The Process Approach is the methodology of identifying inputs, expected outputs, and the process in each action. After identification,...
4 Steps to an Effective Internal Audit

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An Internal audit is one of the most important aspects within any management system. It is through audits that gaps, potential problems and possible solutions will...
Risk Management in Your Organization - ISOUpdate.com

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Risk Management (RM) is the process of identifying, quantifying, evaluating and managing the exposure to all kinds of dangers, damages or losses faced by...
How Does ISO 45001 Differ to OHSAS 18001? - ISOUpdate.com

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The new ISO 45001 standard has been published and supersede OHSAS 18001. It is a truly international standard as scores of countries will agree...
Tips and Tricks for ISO 9001 - ISOUpdate.com

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Ready to implement ISO 9001 in your organization? Here are some ISO 9001 tips that will help make the process easier, and tricks to the...
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